[ CLEAR State] Folding KN95 Protective Mask


[ CLEAR State] Folding KN95 Protective Mask

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 KN95 inspection report

【Product name】 Folding kn95 protective mask
【Main raw materials】: inner layer: non-woven outer layer: non-woven filter layer: high efficiency filter material layer, melt blown cloth
【Packing specification 】 packaging specifications 20 pcs/ pack
【standards】 GB262-2006
【Recommended use time】 use no more than eight hours at a time

【 notes 】 see instructions before use. 1. This product can not be washed, not repeat that. 2. When the masks worn, dirt, or feel respiratory resistance increased obviously Overtime, should leave the pollution area, replace the new masks.The shelf life of 2 years
【Protection grade 】 KN95, filtration efficiency 95%

【Storage conditions】 not unpacking the product in the guarantee the storage temperature within the scope of the 20 ℃ to 30 ℃, relative humidity under the condition of less than 80%.

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